Teens and Laser Hair Therapy


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There is much debate in the cosmetic health industry as to which laser hair removal is better. Laser or IPL? While there are some more informative sources of information by Victorian Government agencies and federal sources such as Choice Australia. However these more reputable sources of informative advice for potential customers often gets drowned-out by the hundreds of other sources of information on the internet. These range from forums, fake review websites, quasi-scientific articles, opinionated blogs and social media. Unfortunately for Victorian teenagers in Melbourne, they are stuck in the middle trying to make the right decision. So we thought we would let our readers know the facts once and for all.

We spoke to one of the owners from Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic in Melbourne to set the record straight.

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne from the Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic has always been the most important form of Children and Teen Consumption in the laser hair industry.

For over 20 years the Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic in Melbourne has provided laser hair removal services to individuals looking to increase confidence, feel great and improve satisfaction in their day to day life.

Laser Hair Removal is undertaken by qualified Registered Nurses including sisters Zenna Dammous and sisters Fadia Dammous. Both nurses are highly qualified and trained in the area of Laser Hair Removal and have Bachelor level or higher qualifications.

You can take some comfort that the skills and abilities of qualified nurses will ensure you’re looked after and never mistreated unlike other laser hair clinics Melbourne.  The great prices of the Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic also provide for great incentive to the end user. We strongly suggest you consider hiring the medical aesthetic and laser clinic to assist in removing your hairy issues.

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